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How it works

Pyramidal is a software that aims to provide an advanced application market place for SERVERS. The main goal is to make instalation of server applications super easy! Pyramidal provides a powerful general purpose web configuration interface which can configure any server-side application. There are hundreds of OpenSource applications out there and we can configure and install them in seconds.
Our collection comprises the most popular and useful open source applications, but also includes many of commercial versions.
  • Backup and Restore, with application instance migration to other servers
  • Update bugfix versions or Upgrade to next major version
  • Reset factory defaut, Suspend and Uninstall
  • Hardware resource management (when possible)
  • And many others ...

Simple and efficient

Did you look for a simple installer?

  • Provides a easy to use and intuitive way of installing any application without reading low level installation tutorials.

  • Pyramidal provides end-to-end solution: meaning the User only should care about which application he wants, and how he wants it to be configured. The rest Pyramidal will provide, including:

    • Configured and optimized Operating System.

    • Web interface to configure and manage all applications.

    • Comprehensive and standardized documentation on what features and how to configure each of them.

    • It can plug-in features on any level of a server hosting (networking, security, resource management, etc).

  • Pyra comes with a set of open API for several levels, that makes easier to integrate with other existing systems.

Large collection of application

Did you have hard time finding the right application?

  • Includes most popular and useful open source applications as well as commercial applications.

  • Applications are structured in such a way as to be as useful and efficient for different types of users and different needs.

Secure and rational

Do you want it to be safe when you install an application?

  • High security, because Pyramidal uses sophisticated algorithms for "Intrusion Detection ". Also Pyramidal will scan for security-updates and will install them automatically if necessary to remove potential exploits in installed applications.

  • Pyra can run multiple applications simultaneously on the same server instance, leading to more rational use of resources and reducing costs and time.

Advanced features

Did you look for a smart installer?

  • Application backup, restore, cloud backup, migration, automatic update.

  • Multiple instances of the same application. Complete independence on version compatibility.

  • Cluster servers: automatic load balancing of multiple applications over multiple servers; centralized management of multiple servers, cross server “micro-services” usage.

  • High automation capabilities.

  • Provides an upgrade path from OS version to Commercial version or Commercial add-on’s.

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Simple steps for easy deployment.

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Check our Documentation

In our Documentation page you can find information on how to use Pyramidal, troubleshoot, software deployment technical details and many more useful data.


You can find here a collection of the most commonly asked questions about Pyramidal and the answers to them.

Sales and Customer Support

If you didn't find your answer in Docs or Q/A, you can always ask us here about product-related issues, service-related issues or anything you have in mind.


We present this Services to accommodate the unique needs of your organization.

Assistance in deployment

Automatic or semi-automatic deployment. We can provide custom installers for Pyramidal software.

Priority support

We offer priority support with different types of SLA.

Pyramidal branding

We offer customized GUI for Pyramidal with your company logos and contact information.

Partner program

Welcome! To ensure a valuable collaboration we came up with different types of Partnership.

Partner Program for Software Projects

We offer distribution, reselling options, advertising possibilities and many cool technological perks.

Partner Program for VPS/Cloud providers

We offer complete technical solution for serving multiple applications on one Virtual Server to your customers.

Partner Program for Distributor/Reseller

With Pyramidal you can offer easy and complete IT solutions to your customers.